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Lighting Master Plan and City Beautification

Neo Light is committed to making the nightlife more functional, comfortable and attractive, and accompanies local authorities in the realization of Lighting Master Plan (SDAL) and City Beautification.

Conducted in a sustainability and planning approach, these studies make it possible to target sensitive areas, to define light orientations and to determine priorities for action.

The Lighting Master Plan, is a multi-annual program for the reconstruction and optimization of public lighting, initially provides an urban, social and functional diagnosis of existing lighting. Based on identified strengths and weaknesses, we submit lighting proposals based on relevant criteria (historical, urban, socio-economic, architectural, technical or financial). This file can encourage the city to launch a City Beautification.

The City Beautification concerns an urban site, a monument, a green space, a bridge, a religious building, a city entrance …It defines an original visual identity, harmonious and respectful of the History of the City. It meets both urban objectives (accessibility, security), scenographic (light effects and colors), economic (cost management and energy savings) and environmental (reduction of nuisances).

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